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Feb 17, 10 5:06 AM
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We are a tough team trying to be the best pvpers as possible and have a blast while doing so. Frantic is going to be one of the top guilds. We have been able to accomplish this due to good organization, and a common mindset from our officers and members: Guild drama is not tolerated in Frantic. We will act swiftly if any idiotic behavior arise. We have an amazing group of people who get along well and just have fun kicking ass in the game!

About us
Frantic is an adult guild in that the majority of players are adults covering a vast range of ages(18+), professions and real life responsibilities. The commentary within the guild varies from serious debates to completely or highly controversial topics. While indulging in our nightly PVP or just shooting the Shit, an open mind and quick wit will often be your greatest friend. Expect to be criticized, joked about and expect to fire back. We sometimes like our hardcore humor as much if not more as we like our hardcore penis.

Our Goal Is to be the best PVP guild on our server. We have succeeded this expectation in all the MMO's we have played in. We have no mercy, kill anything that's red. We are going to be extremely active in PvP with groups constantly formed to keep our skills and team work toned.  "Knowing is half the battle", and knowing what you can kill and how is very important in both team and solo play. Respect other players of our OWN faction. I know that being able to speak to someone gives you a chance to dislike the person, more so than the Alliance who are either killing you or ignoring you. We have to be better than the lot. Instead of standing there exchanging words, walk away and be the better man or woman. You didn't pay to play a fantasy high school drama. Unless you did, then you are more than welcome to.. just be good at it OK? Whether it be making drama, being a trash talker, whatever.. just be good at it!

Don't rely on someone else to be the actions behind your words. What you say is what you have to prove. Just because your friend is good at sports and you're in the same team, doesn't make you a star player too. Strive for what you want to achieve.

As a tightly knit group of players, many of whom are friends in real life, we enjoy being the best we possibly can at everything we do. We can ensure that the atmosphere remains upbeat and friendly. Every one of our players feels privileged to be part of such an exceptional and uniquely talented guild.
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

mazzolini, Feb 17, 10 5:06 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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